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H2O Ireland delivers you a dark fibre network dedicated to your business that you can manage and take full control of.

The solution provides virtually unlimited bandwidth capability at a fixed price over the term of the contract. This means costs will stay the same as capacity requirements increase. This will help the customer to manage bandwidth growth while keeping link costs static.

A dark fibre solution can be designed to deliver point-to-point or point-to-multi-point configurations. Our experienced team can assist and recommend the best bespoke solution for your requirements. With dark fibre in place the customer can build different types of networks from basic point-to-point Ethernet to Carrier Backbone DWDM networks.

H2O Ireland's FS utilisation of the waste water network throughout the whole of Ireland means that on average the cable is five metres below the surface of the ground. This provides an exceptionally secure environment for our specially designed fibre optic cables, protecting them from fire, explosion and malicious tampering.

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H2O Irelandís FS Systemís utilisation of the sewer system in the UK and Ireland means that on average the cable is five metres below the surface of the ground
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