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The public sector has for many years had the unenviable task of trying to balance its needs for more and more bandwidth while retaining a strict control on costs. Telecoms costs although coming down, are still increasing year-on-year due to the demand for more bandwidth.

H2O Ireland is able to minimise these costs and then fix them for five years, ten years or even longer due to our unique delivery method: FS. You can now have your own secure fibre based network with unlimited bandwidth which is totally under your control.

To help with your financial considerations we can even tailor your payment options depending on whether your spending policy dictates Capex or Opex when funding your network.

We are specialists who understand the public sector and its unique requirements. With the costs of communication escalating while borrowings are at record levels, can you afford not to speak to H2O Ireland to minimise and control one of your major expenses?

Contact us to request a quote or to speak with one of our specialists to discuss your requirements.
We are specialists who understand the public sector and its unique requirements
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