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Darc (Derestricted Access Route Connections)

What is Dark Fibre?

A dark fibre network is a fibre optic cable network that can be managed by you. As it is fibre optic it allows for more data to be transmitted over greater distances than traditional copper networks. Up until now, the majority of optical fibre networks have been built by carriers who control the total capacity of the fibre and provide a variety of managed services to a large number of customers.

In a business context this means that information can be shared between multiple office sites in an instance at a fraction of the cost of traditional carriers.

Our methodologies allow us to pass on the benefits to our customers and offer long term (up to 10 years) fixed prices and unrestricted bandwidth.

What is darc then?

Darc (Derestricted Access Route Connections) is a dark fibre solution from H2O Ireland that allows you to realise the potential of your business, while preserving the environment in which you work. Implemented using FS the costs are greatly reduced allowing you to have your own network with almost unlimited performance.

We build bespoke fibre networks to your requirements and rent capacity from the cable deployed, the minimum being one pair of fibres.

This can be increased to any number of fibres. Periods of rental can be from 12 months to 10 years.

Darc allows you to plan and initiate a risk strategy for your network while keeping costs within budget.

On completion of the dark fibre network build we provide 24/7 Service Level Support and options to reserve additional darc fibre capacity over the term of the contract. It is a unique flexible approach to the 21st century demand for ultra high bandwidth.

This is a solution which is kind to the environment as the fibre is laid in the sewer system. There is no need to dig up the roads which is expensive, costly and damaging.

In a busy world where high bandwidth demand is increasing and network capacity is uncertain, darc provides a total solution. Plus it gives you total control and virtual ownership of your network with added flexibility and high security.
Darc (Derestricted Access Route Connections) is a dark fibre solution from H2O Ireland that allows you to realise the potential of your business
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