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H2O Ireland is revolutionising the deployment and build of fibre optic links throughout Ireland. We utilise the FS Focus System (Fibre Optical Cable Underground Sewer System) to meet the demands of 21st Century communications.

H20 Ireland is based in Newry, and specialises in Fibre Optic Networks & Cable. We build bespoke fibre links, utilising the waste water networks, which allows us to be faster and more cost effective than the traditional methods.

Not only that, but by using independent ducting, our network is secure and underpins business continuity. Our methodologies allow us to pass on the benefits to our customers and offer long term (up to 10 years) fixed prices and unrestricted bandwidth.

H2O Ireland is the leading innovator of Fibre Optic Networks deployment in Ireland, offering unique deployment systems with a combination of neutral dark fibre links, to customers’ specific requirements, at low rental with no uplift charges.

The low cost platform provided by our own FS Focus System has been a pivotal development in the deployment of fibre cable.

The FS Focus System uniquely and innovatively utilises the existing waste water network to install fibre optic networks. The sewers enable networks to be deployed at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. Its rapidly installed networks are provided on long-term rental terms, but there is full flexibility and unlimited bandwidth to accommodate the new dynamics of the expanding information market.

Summary of Benefits:
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Fixed cost for up to 10 Years
  • Fast, secure and cost effective
  • Freedom to manage connectivity
  • Quick deployment allowing easy planning
  • Future proofing
  • Expansion without penalties
  • Reduces roadwork’s by 90% - a win-win for the environment and the community
  • Instant inner city access
  • A bespoke solution
With a focus on the future we have an active research programme into fibre infrastructure technology
Fibre Optic Networks & Cable
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